25 Things You Can Do The Moment You Feel Lonely

“How do I stop feeling so lonely?” 

This is probably the most common question I’ve been asked lately. I understand why. Loneliness feels awful. Sometimes it just plain HURTS.

But I don’t know if a cure for loneliness even exists. Brene Brown says, “We cannot selectively numb emotions. When we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.” So I guess you can try to get rid of your loneliness, but that might affect how you experience happiness later on. And though loneliness can be a difficult emotion to feel, I think it’s an important one. Loneliness reminds us of our humanity. It shows us that feeling connected to others is important. Loneliness can also provide a wonderful opportunity for healing, reflection, and growth.

That said, the following suggestions are not ways to numb your loneliness or distract you from it. These ideas are to get you moving. Because your number one priority should not be to avoid your pain or numb it.

It should be to create the most amazing life you can for yourself.

So let’s create that life, shall we?


1. Do the 4-Week Self-Love Experiment: Sometimes, our relationships with ourselves can really take a hit when we’re feeling lonely. The 4-Week Self-Love Experiment will offer you space to truly tend to your needs and feel better about your life.

2. Call someone you love: I’m quite partial to calling my grandma. She’s in her nineties and has dementia, so it means a lot to hear her voice and tell her I love her. I like to think it means a lot to her too.

3. Pick five friends and write them each a limerick: If someone wrote me a limerick, I’d hug them. And that’s saying a lot, since I’m no hugger. Not sure how? Watch this.

4. Learn a dance from YouTube: This is a good one. So is this one. And I STILL need someone to teach me how to Dougie

5. Dance in your underwear: Seriously. Might as well take advantage of being alone, right? If you need a playlist, check this one out.

6. GET OFF FACEBOOK!!!: Facebook has to be the worst way to spend your time when you’re feeling lonely. Stop looking at pictures of her wedding and her kids. Log out of Facebook and log back in to your life.

7. Find a place where you can volunteer: Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends, but it is also a good way to focus on someone else, instead of yourself.

8. Cry: Let it out as much as you need to.

9. Get inspired by a Ted Talk (or three): Here’s my favorite. Here’s my second favorite. And here’s a close third.

10. Start a gratitude practice: Did you know that expressing gratitude correlates positively with happiness? It does! Each day for one month, a good friend and I shared one thing we felt grateful for with each other. Not only did I feel closer to my friend, but I felt happier and more appreciative of my life. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to adopt a gratitude practice. You can even download the Happier app to get started.

11. Check out meetup.com: Meetups can be a great way to meet new people who share your interests, especially if you live near a bigger city.

12. If you can’t be with friends, watch Friends: This show is, hands down, one of my favorite shows ever. My loneliness always seems to fade away when I’m watching Friends. Probably because they feel like my actual friends.

13. Read: Yes, I know not everyone likes to read, but if you do, commit to reading something new, somewhat challenging, and fun. I recently decided to read the whole Harry Potter series and I’m super pumped to make friends with the characters. I list a few of my favorite books here. And of course, you can check out my book too.

14. Enjoy this lovely video: If you do only one thing on this list, do this. You just might be inspired to tackle the world alone with a little more confidence.

15. Start a blog: If you’re into that kind of thing, I highly recommend it. I’ve met so many amazing friends from all over the world through blogging. If you’re in your twenties, here’s an awesome community to check out.

16. Create a vision board: What do you want your life to look like? Get some magazines, scissors, poster board, and glue and go to town. Hang your vision board up to remind you of the awesome life you’re creating and what fun things are still in store for you.

17. Move: Head to the gym. Go to the yoga studio. Jump on your bed. I don’t care, just move that wonderful body of yours. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. (And happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.)

18. Befriend an animal: If you have a pet, hug it — unless it’s a snake or a porcupine. For the rest of you, pet-sit a friend’s pet or visit an animal shelter. If you want, you can borrow my hyperactive hound dog, Walker.

19. Take a nap: Naps are awesome. Take one.

20. Drive: If you have a car, get in it and go somewhere new. Exploration can be exciting!

21. Practice some self-care: Check out this video to learn how.

22. Find a therapist or counselor: If your loneliness is really getting out of control, you might need some professional support. I help women heal, so if that happens to be you, check out the services I offer here. Be brave and reach out. You deserve support!

23. Engage in your SSB (Secret Single Behavior): What’s your SSB? Mine is eating cookies in bed while watching House Hunters. Unfortunately I rarely get to eat cookies in bed anymore because my husband doesn’t like the crumbs. That’s why I encourage you to do whatever it is you like to do when you’re alone as much as possible.

24. Take yourself out on a date: Taking yourself out ensures you’ll get to do something YOU like to do. My favorite solo date night is going to the movies by myself. What about you?

25. Own it: Own your loneliness. Don’t fear it. Don’t numb it. Acknowledge that it is a part of the human experience. Say it out loud:




Then breathe. Because just because you feel lonely doesn’t mean you are lonely. And just because you feel lonely now doesn’t mean you always will.

How do you best deal with loneliness?

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  1. Julia Fisher says

    You are so right about watching Friends. I own the entire series on DVD and any time I pop one of those in while I am cleaning or crafting or just sitting there watching it on the couch feeling sad it totally perks me up!

    • says

      Oh man, I LOVE me some Friends. It’s one of those shows that can ALWAYS cheer me up. Except for the episode when Ross and Rachel break up. That one just depresses me…until I remember they end up together in the end, so it’s all okay. Ha!

  2. says

    A good way to combat loneliness is to become an active member in your community. You can volunteer in some way or even join a community/club with common interests. I’m considering joining an association/group that is centered around a buding interest.


    • says

      Lea, that’s awesome! Ya, when you volunteer like that, it helps you to feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself…which is always a great way to combat loneliness. What kind of group will you be joining?

      • says

        Exactly Akriah! Not exactly sure yet. I’m thinking something female and/or entrepreneur center. I’m looking to connect with people who are on the same path as I am.

        • says

          Ohhh yes…that’d be great for you. I recently started getting involved with a women’s entrepreneurial group and it’s been really good for me. I love meeting new friends. Good luck with finding a good group to connect with!

  3. Khara House says

    I love this, and not just because I totally called it that one of the YouTube dances would be the wobble (which I will be doing shortly) :)

    I would have to add “sing” to this list … especially karaoke. Especially karaoke songs you don’t actually take seriously. Such as performing the most dramatic rendition of James Blunt’s “Beautiful” you can or performing “Don’t Rain on My Parade” in your best Christopher Walken impression (which I will also be doing shortly).

    Thanks for sharing this instant joy list!! ♥

  4. says

    Thank you for this, trying to figure out how to save it for quick reference. I am currently separated from my husband (at my request) and struggle with loneliness now and again and am trying to balance it with my being an introvert and needing and liking the time to re-charge myself to be outward focused.

    Again, thanks!

    Oh, and #5, getting off of Facebook, I think you tipped my indecisiveness in favor of shutting it down.

    • says

      Ya? Thanks so much for that…I’m so glad you find this post useful! Facebook can be such a time suck for me. If I didn’t use it for so much marketing, I’d be tempted to shut it down too!

  5. says

    My GOODness!!! I’m glad I kept clicking! You know I loved the ‘You Complete Me’ story but this one Speaks To Me. I have so many friends that don’t know the difference between alone and lonely. They ask me all the time, “Aren’t you lonely???” NO!!! hahahahaha!!! SWEET lord no! At 36(YIKES!!!), I’ve been engaged 3 times and I passed three rings back with a Good heart knowing that i COULD not live with that person. I am Truly happy for the happily married(Congrats to You, btw!) but I can’t be with someone just for the sake of saying I have a man.

    How do I deal with living single? I have trained all of my friends to greet me with a hug and a kiss. Yup. It’s mandatory ;~) I have a puppy. She is ALWAYS glad to see me :) I confess to making out with a friend from time to time like filthy teens if I have gone for a stretch without any personal attention ;D AND I stay pretty busy with my own interests.

    I have admirers. & when I’m good and ready, I’m sure I’ll date again :~)

  6. Nina W says

    A couple years ago my date was cancelled, so I planned a romantic bubble bath with a new book and some sparkling grape juice for myself (since I lived in a dry county and under 21) all for myself. I had to go with Redbox and Margarita slushies since Walmart was sucking it up that night, but it was seriously one of the best times. I loved taking myself out on a date.

  7. eymcap says

    I saw i was the only male feeling lonely here, but anyway I like that “Don’t fear it! I will say it loud, I feel lonely!” Because it doesn’t mean I will always be lonely or sad or it’s the end of the world! Thanks

  8. Victoria O says

    Thank you so much. Watching some of the TED videos above helped me deal with, not just loneliness, but helplessness. I’d forgotten how awesomely inspiring they could be!

  9. new born says

    Hi! Akirah thanks for sharing this wonderful things, including the TED videos. Thanks. You do not know how much you have helped me. I am grateful to you. Thank you !

  10. Logan Bennett says

    Well i have been pressured into doing drugs and after awhile i felt like i was living the good life, but then all my other friends (Jocks,Athletes,ETC) just stopped talking to me. i havent talked to anyone except mom and dad for 2 months now. im lonely. my mom trwats me like shit, my dad doesnt care and he is always gone and away. im just gonna end it right

    • says

      Logan, please please please talk to someone about how you’re feeling. Please call the National Suicide Hotline if you’re feeling really down. Their number is 1-800-273-8255. Please hang in there. It gets better.

  11. Trae Tha Tr uth says

    I’m lonely 90% of the time… My favorite songs are No help w/ Trae, and Keep on Rollin by Trae lol… Anyways I really feel empty sometimes so I keep to myself. I feel like I’ve been corrupted.. I’ve been single for a long, long time.. Somebody once told me that humans are not built to live life on their own, and most of the time I see what she means, I be going crazy sometimes.. I let my emotions get the best of me and spaz out on different people for no reason, but of course they don’t give a damn and continue to live their own lives not giving a fuck about me.. I guess that’s because I’m an asshole and I don’t care about them.. They know I’m cold hearted, regardless of how innocent looking I am, or use to be anyways I’m crooked, and I don’t know how to stop it, if I talk to you it’s only because you have something to offer to me, and I don’t know why I’m like this… I don’t think I know how it feels to love anymore, how it feels to be loved, and how to love others, I guess that’s because I feel empty… I just do what I do to stay sane and get money one day, those are the only two things I care about… I guess I’m lonely because I wanna fuck everybody I see, I mean anyone who’s attractive of course, I always wanted an open relationship but it never lasts… This article didn’t help me at all btw, anyways I can’t settle for just one girl cause I will get bored and treat her differently to seperate from her… I’m not really a peoples person, I don’t like being around people most of the time, but I don’t like the pain that I feel from being an outcast

    • AzhighAziam says

      Wlell your problem starts with you fking bitches is to hide the pain it isnt gna make you happy look deep inside you and find out whats hurting you
      you need to let some ppl in and even tho people will never truely understand how you feel
      just tlk bout it n getting a hug is sometimes good enough to get you by plus i smoke a shit load of weeeeeeeed thats what keeps.me going -.- lol

  12. Wild Boy :0 says

    I am so glad you took the time to make this. I was lonely and busy throwing a pity party for myself and afterwards I came to the conclusion that only I can get myself out of this rut!!! After reading through some sad forums of others (whose parties seemed to be in full swing) I came to this. Thank You and God!!! It’s in my favorites now and was just the kick in the balls I needed :) (I have them, I am a crazy white boy!) I am not familiar with any of your other work but I would add that to your list of stuff to do while bored and lonely, read the writings of Akirah Robinson!! You seem funny and have inspired me (feel special :P) Thank you again for the great post!!!!

  13. says

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve done a few of them, like dating myself. I’ve been single most of my adult life and have only had a few long term relationships so this is something I’ve worked through for sure!

  14. scott small says

    The whole idea of taking yourself out on a date thing sounds like something I should start trying. Been suffering from loneliness for almost a year now and it just doesn’t get any better. :(

  15. Elsa says

    Well,i have not tryed anything,except #12,but i will soon and it was good reading your article.Thanks and….KEEP IT UP!
    Thumbs up for you!

    • Akirah says

      Hi Kate! Just write. You can set up a free account on WordPress or Blogger. Write whatever makes you feel better and start out by sharing with your friends and family. If you’re in your twenties, a community that really helps me was 20something bloggers. I’d definitely check them out too. Good luck!

  16. says

    Lovely just lovely! Helped me so much! I would do a blog but I don’t know how. I also don’t know what to do on it! Help me on that please.

  17. Katrina says

    Love this list! The beginning really hooked me in from the get go, as I have been a past offender of numbing all emotions. Unfortunately this means that any common emotions I now have feel 10x more intense. >_>

    What drove it home though was your last point. A good reminder that my life isn’t lonely in the slightest, even when I think it is!

  18. says

    Thanks for taking the time to write this. I was feeling so lonely today and now, after reading your list, I feel a whole lot better. I am going to share this with my community.

    PS: I would totally add singing to the list, this always cheers me up.


  19. Scorsby says

    I just wanted to say I was feeling really low but I did the five limericks thing and that occupied a fun hour and I felt a whole lot better afterwards. Thank you.

    • Akirah says

      Hi Manisha…I would recommend that if you feel you might be experiencing depression that you seek professional help. You’re right; these ideas are only to help you cope with loneliness in the moment. But they are not meant to be long-term solutions nor will they address the underlying causes of your loneliness.

      Good luck.

  20. Madison says

    Hi, I’d just like to say that this helped me a lot. Lately I’ve been feeling pretty lonely and knowing that I’m not alone in this feeling makes me feel better about it. Also, is like to add on that reading a book or starting a tv show series helps a lot. Thanks!!!

  21. Phil says

    I have a lot of friends all in close relationships while I’m struggling in a long distance one and so often feel very lonely and sad. I’m going to try a few of these things and hopefully they’ll help.

    Thank you.

  22. Bree says

    I have to admit, I was actually rolling my eyes before I read this thinking it wasn’t going to be anything new. But to my surprise..This is the first list where I actually agree on all the things that are listed! How awesome! I think I’m going to have a good cry, take a nap then get up and go for a good run and sweat. And you’re right, Facebook is a bad place if you’re lonely! That’s what I’ve been doing when I’m lonely and I get lonlier afterwards. Thank you!!!

  23. Tab says

    Thank you for posting this. It’s been the best article so far i’ve read on lonliness. It’s helped me tremendously!

  24. Michelle says

    Thank you so much for this article. I loved your suggestions on learning how to do a dance on youtube, watching friends (I also feel super comforted when i watch this show!), watching a TED video, and writing in a gratitude journal! I wish I had the courage to call someone I love just to talk, I’m not much of a phone person.

  25. Danen says

    have been with my husband for 18 years, I am 33. I feel completely alone. I have cut off my friendships because my husband didn’t like them. I have grown distant from my family because I am the only married one. My husband has no time for me, he likes to play video games and ride his motorcycle. When I asked for more of his time, he got mad and called me names. I am going to try this list, as much of it as I can, and see how I feel.

    • Lauren says

      Read the book entitled “why does he do that”? for those of us women that have gotten out of abusive relationships, it is definitely an eye opener.

  26. says

    Nice list to get youself busy for an hour or a few but it doesn’t work in a long run. Anyways the empty day feels like another survived day. Mornings especially hurt. It’s just hard to force yourself to be happy and do some fun stuff when naturally nothing gives any satisfaction any more. Movies and SSB help in the evenings though :)

    • Akirah says

      Your right…these suggestions are only meant to distract and amuse you in the moment…but they won’t fix any of the underlying issues causing your loneliness. If you feel like you might be experiencing depression, I definitely recommend that you pursue help. Good luck!

  27. Emanuel Rios says

    I was having a pretty bad night. I felt that hole that one feels in their heart when their lonely.
    But this helped so much. I mean, that last one, just say it. I don’t know, I felt empowered, I smiled. And realized, I have time. If I have time to feel lonely, I have time to pamper myself. To take care of me. Thank you so much. It’s funny how one well written to do list can completely change one’s perspective. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Akirah says

      You’re so right, Emmanuel. When you’re feeling low, you probably are in need of care. It’s sometimes hard to muster up the energy to care for ourselves, but it’s necessary. I’m glad my list helped you a bit. Hang in there, friend!

  28. Briana says

    This list is fantastic. I’m going through a rough patch and I’m feeling pretty down and lonely. This list has given me some direction to navigate my way through it. Thank you. :)

  29. Fanny says

    I love this :) I felt lonely one night, even though I have lots of friends and family who loves me. It was just saturday and I didn’t have anything to do and no one to be around. It made me feel alone and focused on all the negative in my life. This make my awful night that much better <3

  30. Hannah says

    This was lovely, cheerful, and super helpful. As a Freshman in college, it can be difficult to be around so many people but also alone. I am definetly doing these things! Thanks!

  31. ziya ul haq says

    friends the best thing is to do that …..
    girls are think that they were break any bodye’s heart as like a game but we have to teach them that we r not dependent on them so friendssss come on wake up and do against of it okkkkk. byeee friends

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    • Dee says

      Fallen, I have the same problem. No friends. And I’m an introvert. Not sure if you’ll ever see my msg, I’ve just run across this blog, but I feel for you.
      I have recently done meet up volunteer stuff and it helps to be around other people. Exercise is another temporary fix. *I see both made the authors list.

  33. Vishal says


    This is an amazing list. Also all videos you suggested, great. I was feeling so lonely half n hour ago and now I am so alive. Thank you so much. Keep up this good work.


  34. says

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  35. Pet says

    Little intro why I feel lonely. Fell in love with a US guy (I am from a western European country), did the long distance back and forth, one day he asked me to marry him so we had to decide who moves. It was easier for me with not owning a house, yet more difficult with being very close to my family and bff’s etc but I loved him so we proceded with the paperwork. Beginning this year we married. Ever since we married he has been drifting further and further, I talked to him about it and things would change. Last months I have felt so lonely it is getting rididculous. It is as if I don’t even have a shadow. He knows loneliness yet doesn’t seem to care that I am now experiencing it. I want to stick by my husband as he claims to be going through stress and physical pain but being a pain patient myself (also in previous relationships) I know you can’t shut people out of your life esp those that love you.
    He’s been acting very selfish and so I am more and more lonely (not knowing anyone and being in a strange country doesn’t help either). So I googled what to do when feeling lonely and thank God I found your site 😀
    I am going to try some of your tips out for myself and hopefully I will make some new pals, or find my own way. Thank you !

  36. Mariya says

    Thank you so much for this list. As I’m sat here with tears dripping down my face, I’m deciding which of the suggestions to start with!

  37. Connor says

    I seriously love your last comment about owning your loneliness! And how its part of the human experience. I see my time alone as a chance to take care of the things that I need to do so that when I can be with or have the chance to make friends I can do that to the highest and happiest degree!

    Just think of the times that you’re doing something social that you love to do, and can’t stop stressing of something you need to get done that you do best on your own. Use your alone time to nock those things out! Think of howe every minute you spend working to get stuff done allows you to be in the moment even more when you are with friends!


  38. Dominique says

    Thanks for this, loneliness is a drab feeling. One note though, you can totally hug a pet snake. I have lots of them and have hugged them many times!

  39. Elizabeth says

    I love the idea of a SSB! Just the laugh I needed to lift my spirits tonight while I felt a little lonely. I’m thankful for your list.

  40. Simon says

    Thanks for the tips. Lonliness shouldn’t be belittled. It can kill, but I don’t think many people get it.

    I’m an extrovert. I used to belong to a church and was very involved, had a very wide social network etc. I didn’t make an effort to get or stay close to friends at school, which was the nature of the church culture I was in. When I was 25 I left the church, then left my country (Australia) and then after several years, I returned.

    This feels like the perfect storm. 1. No school friends, 2. No church friends (they cut me off years ago), 3. No sense of belonging in my country, as often is the way with travellers – limiting my ability to connect to ‘Aussies’, 4. An extrovert at heart with very often whole days before anyone acknowledges me, 5. A family who have no real friends – just people they meet at church for “fellowship”. 6. Most friends who have left the church since are very settled with families and don’t go out = I never see them. 7. I don’t want to appear too needy to the few people I know, so I end up eating and drinking alone in restaurants and bars.

    I wrote this list because I want people to understand lonliness is sometimes greatly about a bad set of circumstances, and not because you, as a person, are undesirable as a friend. I’m sure I’ll be alright eventually, but this is a privately torturous time, and I do wonder about the damage it is doing my once confident, cheerful self.

  41. Isabelle says

    I am so happy I found this site, and I am so grateful to read all the answers and how this list have inspired you all. It makes me think more of what humans can do to help eachother out of loneliness.
    I really want to make a change in the world, and believe loneliness is one of the major issues.
    My mother committed suicide a few years ago. She’s a very smart woman, and was bipolar. She always wanted to the best for everyone around, but sadly the diagnose made her shut people out, and she was having a hard time with loneliness. My mother told me about “The Secret” many years ago, long before media picked it up, and told me to to always think good thoughts, believe in yourself, never say I can’t, just I will make it etc.
    And now, a few years after she passed to nonexistance, I finally learned how to change my mindset. I found out about the fabulous Esther Hicks, and she channeling Abraham. You should check it out on YouTube. Search for Abraham Hicks. Esther have these seminars and people ask questions, and Abraham answers. You can also check out Spotify to hear the history how Esther got in touch with Abraham.
    I just love it!
    Anyway, I told you this because my soul, and life is so much richer after learning how to feel good in all situations. I wish you all the best, and this is an awesome path!

  42. Bob McDonald says

    Call someone you love? Pick 5 friends? What if you have nobody? That’s the reason I feel so alone. I feel like- never mind.

    • Akirah says

      Hi Bob…I’m so sorry to hear that you’re feeling so alone. Initially this post was written for women who are lonely because they are newly single…not folks who have found themselves incredibly isolated. That said, please know that I’m sending you light and love…and hope that sometime soon, you can find folks who can support and love you.

      • Alex says

        Sometimes these things happen simultaneously. 5 months ago I moved to a new region with my ex, and was soon after dumped. On weekends it hurts not being able to have any meaningful social interaction. But more than that, it hurts having experienced what I thought was love for the first time, and then losing everything. Wishing things could go back, but knowing that they can’t. Wanting to feel valued as a human being, instead of being a doormat and a background character in somebody else’s life story.

        • Si the Guy says

          My situation is similar plus kids. My wife has retreated from everything stressful in life and considers me a part of that. So instead of handling life’s tough times together, we are each alone. She by choice, and me kind of holding my hat, wondering what I did wrong and how I get her back. The answer is I don’t get her back, and in many ways, I go on alone from here. I parent, I win Bread, I clean house, and I turn my hobbies into a career. All that energy you would put into the one you miss, who you are lonely for, you can turn that into some great stuff. Sometimes sublimation leads us to depression or hysterics, and sometimes it turns mild manners reporters int Supermen.

  43. No says

    I feel like half of these “”””””””answers””””””” rely on doing things with your friends. If I had friends then I wouldn’t need to rely on an article about overcoming loneliness. Like. DUH.

  44. nuke says

    I had suffered in loneliness and emptiness past few years (you may be know what teenager antisocial mind looks like). So I started a music band with some same minded friends, given my time and attention on band. Now feels like I’m kinda free from this loneliness thing. Btw nice write up 😉

  45. Hawke says

    It may be written for women but the list looks very universal to me. Anyways I´ll try some of it today. At least I don´t have to ponder what to do on NYE alone. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Lee says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve been having so many lonely days recently, with my sister getting married and feeling like I’m all alone. I haven’t dated anyone for three years now because of some situations I’m trying to handle. I have great friends whom I meet on daily basis, but there are things that I cant share with them,which is why I have been feeling this deep rooted loneliness. So I googled ‘I’m so lonely’ and your article was in the results.

    I’m just really grateful that I got to read your piece before I went to sleep.
    Big kiss from Seoul

  47. Ashley says

    Thank you so much for postig this :). My fiance is in the Navy, so I get lonely very often… Long distance isn’t fun, and each time he visits I’m always utterly heartbroken when he has to leave. That is actually how I found your post this time around. Thank you!

  48. Sunstars says


    Thank you for this post.. it is lovely.. To the world I am a strong independent extroverted woman but I know the truth – I am introverted, lonely and most time don’t want to be strong and would love to have someone to nurture and be loved.
    I have already started practising some of the ideas here and looking forward to not having that massive hole in my heart :)

    Anyone in Sydney Australia wanna catch up for coffees give me a shout at sunstarunicorns @gmail.com


  49. gunnet says

    The words to express the gratitude to Therapist Oniha for the successful spell casting are to great to write down. I wouldn’t even know how to express the gratitude for now having the second chance at love and life again. These are the types of things that money can’t buy and people can’t describe. Therapist Oniha work is amazing from the very first step to the results. Being there for me when ever I needed him and giving me advice along the way and did what was necessary to make me happy again. Its just an miracle that I found Therapist Oniha to help me get my ex wife back and God pointed me in his direction. More people should know of Therapist Oniha work and how wonderful it works and has worked for me to get back together with my ex wife!

    Again, Help thank Therapist Oniha email winexbackspell@gmail.com for everything he has done to make my wife come back to me and love me for good.



  50. Amanda Jones says

    Thank-you very much for this post. I was having a lonely night tonight and even reading this gave me a bit of a laugh and cheered me up. Have a good day to everyone who reads this and I hope the best of luck and that you may all find happiness within 

  51. Jazz Matias says

    I’m usually not the type of person who comments, but I find this time around that I had to. I stumbled upon your blog when I was particularly feeling lonely because of a few events and I’m really glad that I did. I watched the videos that you recommended from your video on self-care to the TED talks and they really made my week. I feel significantly better. They were all lovely and life affirming and I finally feel the energy to do things and feel excited again.

    Thank you so much! I hope that you are doing well! 😀
    Love from the Philippines

  52. Kit Kat says

    I’m recently left uni and started a full time job, and I have to say that in this lifestyle I am finding it a lot more difficult to meet up and regularly hang out with people than whilst I was studying. I don’t have a car, so I am limited to how far I can travel, and the one suitable Meetup group in my local area just got deleted. Plus, with having a full time job and being the only one of my close friends who doesn’t work weekends, I am finding it a challenge to make time to spend with anyone. I’m also struggling to find any activity groups in my local area – can’t find any online, and I’m not sure where else to look!

    You’re list is helping me, but it’s also making me wish I knew how to do most of the things you suggest.

  53. RiRi~ says

    I’m lonely and have been lonely for the most of my life. I’m just 18, but it feels like and eternity when you’re all lonely. It’s not that I don’t have friends, I have many, but it’s like I don’t connect with them well enough to feel like a normal individual. Don’t get me wrong, my friends are amazing, it’s just me, I never feel happy inside, no matter how much I try to show it on the outside. I sort of know the reason too, I don’t feel like I fit in the society and culture I’m born in. I want to escape, live in a place that makes me feel better and Free. So this is what I take on as a source of hope in life and live on. Although sometimes suicide feels the best often when you’re all numb but I guess I’m here to write about it so I guess It’s okay? For now I put my energy into productive things, although it doesn’t make me truly Happy, it provides some kind of relief and enough hope to just hold on. I’d say never giving up on yourself is the key. I mean I’m still depressed and lonely, but It’s okay,it’s just a part of life. :)

  54. Joseph Giordano says

    Personally I think that watching friends doesn’t help at all, it just makes me more sad and lonely seeing the people so happy together…

  55. Maria says

    Thank you so much for your post. It has been the most helpful page I’ve run across. Truly Real, fun, and positive!

  56. Molly says

    Thank god I had the energy to google “i feel awfully lonely and as if i had no friends” (and to overcome shame for feeling like this, btw). I even felt so dumb for looking for inspiring Ted talks or to read other people’s experience with coping with loneliness, as if these feelings were something to be overlooked or someone else’s fault… Your advice made me see that only I have the power to change this, and no, it’s not a simple thing to do. It takes a lot of strength to admit I need help. Now I do. I guess I AM vulnerable, just like (as I see) everyone else posting here is. And that is a good thing.
    I think I’m gonna print the amazingly helpful list you’ve made and carry it with me for some time. Thank you, really, for doing what you do and for sharing positive vibes here. You may not realize it (though I suspect you do), but these things change strangers’ lives in beautiful ways. Greetings from Argentina!

  57. Sarah says

    I lost the best friend of my life…I was falling in love with him but everything changed…I was alone before him and I had fantastic life.Now,I read this list and I feel better,but I am really missing him.he is a basketball player like me.We are both athletes…I waNT him back..

  58. Mathew says

    I get the feeling of loneliness so I became a listener at this website called 7 Cups of Tea. Basically, you can talk to other people anonymously if you ever need to vent, rant, or you just feel lonely. I’d love to listen to some of you here. Here is my referral link: http://www.7cupsoftea.com/11887171

  59. Ash says

    I’m not even lonely. But thank you. Thank you, you human being. You person. Thank you for writing this for people. As I scrolled down the comments I saw how alone people are. I don’t understand it completely still but I think I had a glimpse today. Thank you for being kind.


  1. […] Each time you’re sent a confusing text. Each time you get hurt. Each time another friend gets engaged. Each time someone asks, “Are you dating anyone?” Each time February 14th rolls around and you want to crawl under a rock. Each time another person you were excited about disappears and you have no clue why. Each time singleness feels so incredibly lonely and you don’t know what to do… […]

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