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I believe all women have brave hearts.


I’m on a mission to spread the word, through our awesome community.


We can be content. We can end relationships that make us unhappy. We can be “single and looking,” “single and not looking,” “adjusting to divorce,” or “married (and confused as hell).”


We can choose to not settle.

We can choose health.

Let’s wake up.

Our hearts are brave.


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**Your safety is the absolute most important thing to me. If you have questions about safety in relationships, I strongly encourage you to browse these resources or contact a local, 24-hour hotline. Though I give pretty awesome advice and am quite experienced, I cannot be held responsible for the outcome of your situation. This is why, especially when safety is concerned, I advise contacting a local agency or crisis hotline for additional, individualized help.

Additionally, although I am a licensed social worker, the views I express on this site should not replace the expertise of an individual counselor or therapist. For advice tailored to your own personal situation, please seek services from a helping professional who is able to designate the time and knowledge needed to truly help you. I do not assume liability for any portion of material on my website and accept no liability for damage or injury resulting from your decision to interact with me via my website or email.